Wake Up and Tuck In Services

When many think about senior in-home care, they imagine a care companion who is by their client’s side 24/7. For many of our clients, a 24/7 caregiver isn't necessary. Silver Crown’s Wake-Up and Tuck-In services are designed for clients who don’t need a caregiver by their side all the time, but who do need a bit of extra support during certain times of the day.

Many seniors struggle with certain parts of their daily routines, most often with waking up in the morning and preparing for sleep in the evening. Though waking up, bathing, and getting dressed seems simple for many, these tasks can be mentally and physically taxing for those dealing with chronic medical conditions, limited mobility, or recovering from surgery.

For those who would benefit from shorter caregiver shifts during difficult parts of their day, Silver Crown’s Wake-Up and Tuck-In services offer support during the mornings and/or evenings. Our professional and compassionate caregivers will provide wake-up reminders, and help your loved ones with tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. At the end of the day, our caregivers will make sure your loved one is comfortably and safely prepared for bed.

Wake Up and Tuck In Services May Include:

  1. Wake up reminders
  2. Transfer assistance from bed
  3. Help with washing & bathing
  4. Help with grooming & personal hygiene
  5. Wardrobe & dressing assistance
  6. Morning meal preparation & clean-up
  7. Medication reminders
  8. Making the bed & changing linens
  9. Laundry & household tidying
  1. Evening meal preparation & clean-up
  2. Evening medication reminders
  3. Washing & bathing
  4. Nighttime grooming & hygiene
  5. Help with dressing for bed
  6. Transfer & mobility support to bed
  7. Preparing items & clothing for the next day
  8. *More Based On Client Requests...

*Individual circumstances may require certain care services not listed above. If you have a question about Silver Crown's Wake Up & Tuck In Services, please call us today. Our care support team is here for you and your loved ones, every step of the way.


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