Errands and Transportation

Having access to safe transportation and the ability to get around is an essential part of daily living. Driving provides a sense of freedom, autonomy, and independence. As we age, certain medical conditions cause ailing vision, delayed reaction times, disorientation, and confusion, making driving a vehicle unsafe for your loved one and for those around them. As a result, many of us choose to stop driving or lose the ability to all together. For the elderly who are still able to drive, running errands and carrying out activities that require transporting ones' self becomes physically exhausting and mentally overwhelming.

As caregivers, it is our responsibility to decide what is best for our beloved, what's best for those who no longer have the ability to transport themselves. Safe and readily available transportation alternatives become essential in making sure your loved one is able to continue living an active, fulfilling life. Our caregivers are here to help drive your loved one safely to doctor's appointments, assist them with running their errands, and transport them anywhere else they may need to go.

Signs it might be time to find an alternative.

Have you noticed new dings or dents on your aging parents' car lately? Maybe a few new traffic violations or parking tickets? Have you had to spend time on the phone guiding your lost parent to their destination? If you're starting to see changes in driving habits, it may be time to sit down and have a conversation about transportation alternatives. It's difficult to ask your parents to hang up their keys just as it's difficult for them to compromise their independence, but safety is paramount, and should remain the number one concern. Fortunately, Silver Crown's transportation assistance means your parents can still run errands, attend social events, make their appointments, and visit friends and family safely without getting behind the wheel. Our transportation services include:

Supplemental Transportation

As we age, the process of driving becomes intimidating and overwhelming. As a result, many seniors miss important appointments because they're unsure of how to arrange alternate transportation, and don't want to burden friends and family with the responsibility of driving them around. Doctors' appointments are necessary to a senior's good health, well-being, and overall sense of vitality. We take care of all of the transportation, and make sure your loved one makes it to all of their doctors' appointments safely, efficiently, and on time.

Errand Services

For individuals that have difficulty driving, normative and necessary tasks like waiting in line at the market, returning a rented video, picking up a prescription, and heading to the store become monumental, overwhelming, and unsafe chores. Our caregivers take care of those exhausting errands, handle the grocery shopping, and have the oil changed, while your senior reads a good book or spends time with friends and family. Whether your parent needs only a helping hand, or somebody to take care of all the day-to-day tasks, Silver Crown caregivers can provide a little bit of errand help, or take care of all of it.

Schedule Arrangement and Assistance

For individuals who have difficulty managing or keeping a schedule, or have medical conditions that have caused memory loss, our caregivers will assist with schedule planning and management. Let our caregivers schedule and make sure your parents keep to their medical appointments, while your loved one focuses their energy on other activities. We'll take care of the driving too! Give us a call today.


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