Transfer & Mobility Assistance

The physical and emotional side effects of mobility loss negatively effect an individual's sense of autonomy, their general well-being, and overall quality of life. Strength often deteriorates with age, hindering an individual's mobility and ability to carry out routine tasks. What was once a simple activity is transformed into a monumental feat that now requires careful support and assistance. Losing the ability to get out of bed, drive a car, walk to the fridge, or get up to use the restroom ultimately prevents an individual from taking care of his or herself. The consequences of mobility issues for seniors can be serious if preventative measures are not placed into effect, and if proactive support isn't readily available. Studies show that one out of every three Americans 65+ falls each year, and that falls are the leading cause of fatal injury amongst seniors.

We'll help you reclaim your autonomy.

Assisting those who cannot move safely by themselves requires skill, knowledge, strength, and access to mobility assistance equipment. Hiring an in-home caregiver to assist with mobility issues is a great first step in making sure your loved one is able to continue living the active, healthy, and happy life they deserve. Some of the services our caregivers offer to to your aging senior include:

  • Transportation. For many, the most detrimental effect a mobility issue brings to an individual's quality of life is the inability to safely transport themselves. No longer being able to drive makes it difficult for the individual to attend social events, get to doctors' appointments, and run necessary errands. An in-home caregiver makes sure your loved one stays active and engaged in their own life, by safely and comfortably transporting them to and from where they need to go.
  • Transfer Assistance. Mobility issues like balance problems, painful or stiff joints, or the inability to walk altogether make it difficult and often unsafe for for seniors to get in and out of a wheelchair, to and from a bed, in and out of a car, and move around their house safely. Transfer assistance helps your loved one carry out these tasks safely, securely, and without worry.
  • Personal Assistance. Countless senior injuries occur in places like the bathroom. Activities like taking a shower and using the restroom require a substantial amount of standing, sitting, bending, and reaching, and of which also include elements like soap, water, and other fall or slip inducing hazards. A caregiver can safely and securely assist your loved one with activities like toileting, grooming, bathing, and dressing, and reduce the potential harms and hazards created by the environment. Our caregivers also assist in lifting or repositioning the client in a situation when he or she is unable to do so on their own. Personal mobility assistance care makes sure your loved one is able to carry out the tasks necessary to continue living a hygienic, healthy, and happy life.

Other Transfer & Mobility Services Include:

  1. Transfer Boards, Hoyer Lifts
  2. Ambulation Supervision
  3. Self-Help Device Supervision
  4. Walking Assistance
  1. Device Assistance (Wheelchairs, Canes, Crutches, Walkers, Shower Chairs)
  2. Bed Positioning
  3. Range of Motion Exercise

Making the decision to hire a caregiver that can safely and securely assist your loved one with their mobility issue makes a world of difference for their sense of autonomy, independence, and in their quality of life. If you or somebody you know is experiencing issues with mobility, or that may benefit from a change in their life, Call us or Email us today.


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