Home Care Survey

The survey below has been designed to give you an idea whether home care giving services would benefit you or a loved one. If you find you've answered yes to many of the questions after taking this survey, it may be time to consider in care services. Give us a call today if you have any specific questions, or would like more information about the services we provide.

  • Have you noticed your loved one wearing the same clothing every day?
  • Is your loved one not appropriately grooming or bathing themselves?
  • Have you noticed your loved one in soiled clothing?
  • Have you noticed your loved one wearing inappropriate clothing?
  • Have you noticed that your loved one's weight is declining?
  • Are you seeing signs of increased skin tearing, bruising or falls on your loved one?
  • Is your loved one having problems with recollection or knowing family members names?
  • Have you noticed your loved one showing signs of disorientation?
  • Is your loved one unaware of person, place, date and time?
  • Is your loved one having difficulty communicating with you or others?
  • Have you noticed that your loved one is showing signs of becoming withdrawn?
  • Is there a lack of healthy foods in the home?
  • Have you noticed any rotting smells in the refrigerator or cupboards?
  • Have you noticed that the home is in disarray, such as piles of mail or newspaper?
  • Is the home dirty or have any unpleasant odor?
  • Have you noticed that the pets or houseplants have been neglected?
  • Have you noticed medications that are missing, expired, not being taken or have been taken in excess of the prescribed dosage?
  • Has your loved one recently had surgery and need temporary assistance at home?
  • Does your loved one already have a caregiver who needs a vacation or a short break?
  • Is your loved one disabled and in need of in-home assistance?
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