Proper Nutrition

For the aging, meal preparation and clean up often becomes a struggle due to diminished skill, ability, and interest. Proper nutrition is especially important for elderly adults in keeping a sound mind, a healthy body, and a good quality of life. Bad nutrition habits, over indulging in processed foods, and unstable eating routines that may have developed throughout the years can exacerbate previous medical conditions, create new illnesses and disabilities, and contribute to chronic ailments. Meal preparation, good eating habits, and nutritional education are essential to a senior's diet, good nutritional practices, and overall well-being.

Our eating habits and nutritional needs have a tendency to change as we grow older. Our metabolism slows down, our tastes and nutritional needs evolve, and the amount of food we need to consume lessens. The meal preparation and nutrition services provided by our caregivers ensures nutritious meals are served at every meal. Our caregivers assess your seniors' favorites, taking into account any medical conditions or dietary restraints they may have, and make healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for them to enjoy.

Silver Crown's Nurtrition Services Include:

  1. Meal Preparation and Serving
  2. Menu/Meal Planning & Organization
  3. Attention to Individual Dietary Needs & Restrictions
  4. Grocery Shopping
  5. Feeding Assistance as Needed
  6. Meal Clean Up
  7. Meal Delivery
  8. Assistance to and From the Dining Room
  9. Monitoring Consumption, Food, and Fluid Intake
  10. Vegan, Vegetarian, & Kosher Meals


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