Light Housekeeping and Organization

Living in a clean, organized, and well-maintained home contributes to better health, a safer environment, and a greater overall sense of well-being. The floors need to be swept, the counters sanitized and disinfected, the cupboards maintained and cleared of expired foods, and linens to be changed, cleaned, and put away. A well organized, well maintained, and clean environment provides less opportunity for injury or illness. Ailing strength makes those daily chores exhausting for an aging senior.

Silver Crown's caregivers lend a helping hand to your loved one with all of the household maintenance and organization. We make sure household items are organized and neatly put away, reducing the chance for a trip or a fall. We clean and sanitize tables and countertops, so bacterial and viral infections don't have the opportunity to spread. We keep cupboards and refrigerators free of expired foods, to prevent food-borne illnesses. Our caregivers make sure ovens, stoves, and other appliances are clean and free of grease and residue build up to avert fire dangers. Our caregivers handle all of the cleanup and organization, providing your loved one peace of mind and the opportunity to spend their time doing what they love.

Silver Crown's Housekeeping Services Include:

  1. Washing, Drying, & Folding Laundry
  2. Changing Bed Linens
  3. Kitchen Cleaning & Organization
  4. Dusting & Tidying Rooms
  1. Bathroom Cleaning & Organization
  2. Light Gardening
  3. Assistance With Pets
  4. Household Item Organization


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