Hospice Support

For individuals dealing with serious medical and health conditions, and for those facing the last chapter of life, in home hospice care offers a desired and comfortable alternative to the unfamiliar and impersonal environment of a facility. Hospice care is often a collective effort put forth by doctors, nurses, home caregivers, and family members who work together in order to provide relief for the individual's affections, as well as emotional support for both the individual and the family. Hospice care is a unique combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual care which manifests in many different forms during the end of life process.

We understand how difficult it can be.

During this difficult transitional period, it is important that the individual celebrates a life well lived in a comfortable environment amidst loved ones, family, and friends. Our goal is to do everything in our power to ensure the individual is able to spend quality and meaningful time surrounded by the the warmth of their beloved. In home hospice care affords the individual a safe, comfortable, and personal environment in which to spend their remaining time with those they care for most.

The needs of an individual during the last stage of life vary greatly. Doctors and nurses are able to assist with medical needs and the easing of pain that results from medical illnesses and ailments, but a life is comprised of many different facets. Further needs for individuals during the end of life process include access to information, emotional guidance and support for the individual and family, and dealing with life's loose ends prior to the final transition.

Often, the family bears much of the burden during this difficult transitional period. It can become difficult to manage the responsibilities and routines of daily life with the increasing care needs of the ailing individual. Ensuring that the needs of all parties involved during this transitional phase are acknowledged and met is necessary for a safe and comfortable transition. A strong support network is paramount and of the utmost importance for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of you and your loved one.

How Silver Crown Can Help:

Our end of life care efforts are focused on creating a space where the individual and their family are able spend quality time together. Our caregivers provide supplemental personal care, manage homemaking duties and responsibilities, offer companionship, and tend to daily tasks so that you have the time to spend with your loved one. Our caregivers have experience with hospice care and end of life support, and will be there in any way they can to assure the needs of you and your loved one are met.

If you are looking for support, or have any questions about hospice care or our hospice care services, please call us today.


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